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      LEPIKI empowers women across the globe to unapologetically express their voice through simple, timeless, and sustainable fashion while supporting other women-owned passions, donating portions of profits to charity, and investing in meaningful change through the Women of LEPIKI Program. 

      The Simple White Tee

      The simple white t-shirt has been a closet staple for generations. Founder and Creative Director, Katia, like many young women, was told that her voice, likes, wants, experiences, and truths had contingencies and should be expected to bear judgment by others. Feel familiar? It isn’t uncommon for women today to feel like a secondary character in their own lives. It takes energy, consistency, self-challenge, and, at most times, external validation to push through these boundaries for women to truly feel themselves. LEPIKI presents itself forward by strongly stating that any woman can and should express her voice and become who they want to be – through collaboration with peers, through supporting meaningful organizations, and by literally saying it on their chest loud and clear for the world to see. Three LEPIKI shirts reading Carpe diem, Living and enjoying the ride, and Your Voice is Your Power

      Our Commitment to Quality

      LEPIKI product values chart with four icons reading 100% Organic Cotton, Slow Fashion, Fair Trade, and Women-owned Business

      The impact the fashion industry has on the environment and the significant issues found in fair labor practices are important and non-negotiable to us. Our tees are sourced from businesses that only use organic cotton that is GMO free and grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. The fair-trade movement recognizes the power of the world marketplace to alleviate global poverty. We champion these values and only do business with other women-owned organizations. We are proud to have all LEPIKI shirts certified fair trade and made with 100% organic cotton.



      Meaningful Change + LEPIKI

      Every sale results in a 10% donation to charities chosen by you with the #LEPIKIDonates hashtag. LEPIKI also seeks out collaborations to support women's passions and women-owned businesses, which has led to the development of The Women of LEPIKI (WoL) program. The WoL program is designed to support and collaborate with small women led businesses to launch products or programs together, to spread awareness for the business, and to donate sales of a special edition t-shirt to help fund the small business in achieving their goals, which is our definition of meaningful change for this world. Lastly, LEPIKI works exclusively with women-owned businesses in its day-to-day business, and will feature collaborating business partners in WoL featurettes to highlight and promote our business partners. 

      LEPIKI Ambassador Program Banner  #LEPIKI and @LE.PI.KI


      Meet Our Founder

      Founder and Creative Director, Katia, lives a life full of love, self-promise, passion, and expression. Her journey to get here influences the story behind LEPIKI and its promise – to uplift and empower women through expression, passion, and meaningful change. Katia is an advocate for amplifying the inner beauty in everyone and supporting women everywhere to find their voice. Her experiences as a mother, entrepreneur, and art-lover led her to realize this vision through direct outward expression in fashion and thus the creation of LEPIKI. LEPIKI was born as a determined ally for simple and timeless, yet strong, fashionable expression, sustainable and responsible purchasing, slow-fashion values, fair trade practices, and organic material sourcing all while uplifting other women through specific, meaningful impact.

      Founder of LEPIKI, Katia



      Hello to all!  I’m so glad you stopped by and I hope you find in LEPIKI the strength to help you become who you want to be.  I have this desire to inspire women to free themselves spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically, and this brand is meant to do just that. I want women to be able to look in the mirror and say "I am gorgeous”, “I am comfortable in my own skin”, “I live passionately”, and “I am my best friend”. I believe in it so much that I put some of these quotes on T-shirts. I would like LEPIKI to become your best and go-to friend.  My gift to you is a promise that we will help you in any way we can to uplift and push you forward.  Let’s do this!  Beijo


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