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      Celebrating Mothers

      Celebrating Mothers

      LEPIKI was founded and is still run by a mother. To the ones that put their career on hold to raise children, the ones that are trying to balance career and family, the ones that have chosen to home school, we see you and celebrate you. The Women’s Home x LEPIKI came together to celebrate mothers who can do it all!

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      Women Empowering Women

      Women Empowering Women

      Our mission is to empower, inspire, and support women.  We work with companies that are owned by women around the world to not only promote their products, but also provide a platform for them to grow and celebrate their businesses. Our products are also geared for women looking to gain respect and a place in the business world while doing what they love and believe in.


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      We believe in slow fashion, unique and authentic products that will last long and are inspirational.

      The environment and fair labor practices are important to us.  Our T-shirt products are sourced from businesses that use organic cotton that is GMO free and grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.  The Fair-Trade movement recognizes the power of world marketplace to alleviate global poverty as well align with women empowerment.  Thus, our T-shirts are certified for Fair Trade practices as well as organic content.


      Lastly, we will support causes that are important to women like myself including women’s health, women empowerment, and something that affects us all, the global environment.                                                                  

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      In a world where a lot of people follow the “cookie cutter” form, becoming your own individual will definitely make you stand out.

      Inspiration is everywhere and therefore all we need to do is to collect information and ideas that will resonate with us and in exchange help us create our own personal style.

      Different is good, unique is even better…

      Stand out for your uniqueness!

      Have a fabulous day!